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Is it really getting close?

The indexs started higher and rally today on the report of trading deal's getting closer. Someone also said that Trump won't disappoint the market for Christmas. But from Chinese media you read different stories.

Over the news that the House passed the bill of XinJiang human right, China government had a response much bigger than that of Trump's signing the Hong Kong bill days ago. A senior office summon the ambassador of the United States and expressed their angar, and the spokeswoman gave a strong hint that China may do something on the trading deal to retaliate. "China never set a deadline for the trade deal, it's the US side that always says the deal is coming closer", she said.

Signals are mix from China government recently. It makes people feel that the different departments may have different priorities to follow.

Although the first section of the deal is the only expectation from the market for now, it might be still too early to get relaxed.

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